Fraternal Greetings and
History for the College

    On 30 October, 1982, members of Wisconsin College No 21 met at La Crosse and requested a dispensation to form a new college to be known as Western Wisconsin York Rite College No 85. Deputy Grand Governor Arthur N McBain, Jr was in charge of the meeting. Following were nominated and elected: Acting Governor Wesley M Denny, Acting Secretary Arthur N McBain, Jr, Acting Deputy Governor George Jolivette, Acting Chancellor Thomas Alton, Acting Treasurer Jesse Fremlin.

    26 March 1983, was the first conferral of Knight of York. Grand Governor William Kastman to institute and present our dispensation.

    28 May 1983, was the second conferral of Knight of York.

    24 September 1983, Open installation of officers by Governor General Gordon Stuart.

    Charter was presented in 1983. Officers were Governor Wesley M Denny, Deputy Governor George Jolivette, and Chancellor Thomas Alton.