NOTICE - 29 January 2019

Companion Knights;
The Preeminent Governor of Hampton Roads York Rite College No.95 has called an Assembly for the purpose of receiving candidates into the Order Knight of York on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at Lake Drummond Lodge No. 178, 509 George Washington Highway, N., Chesapeake, Virginia 23323.

09:00 AM Coffee and Doughnuts
10:00 AM Open the Assembly

Dress for Officers is Tuxedo; dress for members is dark business suit. The College will be prepared to make nominations for membership if any are presented.

The Cast for the Order Knight of York has been published by e-mail by Director of Work CK Danny Diego. Officers and Cast members are expected to know their parts/lines from memory This will help deliver a deep and lasting impression on our candidates.

Annual Dues are $40.00 per year and Life Membership is still 20 times current dues ($40.00 = $800.00). Fees for the Degree are $140.00

With warmest regards, I am,
Sincerely and Fraternally,

Joseph E. Gadea, Governor

Kyle W. Strickland
Secretary | Hampton Roads York Rite College No. 95
PO BOX 6121 | Chesapeake, VA 23323-0121
(757) 754-1671 |