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York Rite Sovereign College of North America
45 York Rite Colleges
ON-LINE as of 18 June 2017
Texas No.14, Waco, Texas www.texascollege.albertpikedemolay.org
Illinois No. 15, Chicago www.chicagoyorkrite.org/college
Connecticut No.17 www.yrscna.org/17
Wisconsin No.21, Milwaukee lakemasoniccenter.org/yorkritecollege21
John Bridges Phelps No.31, FL www.yrscna.org/31
Iowa No.37, IA www.yrscna.org/37
Athelstan No. 41, Toronto, CA www.yrscna.org/41/
Central Illinois No. 42 www.ciyrc42.org
First State No.45, DE Web Site
Commonwealth No.50, VAwww.yrscna.org/50
Sir William No.57, Hamilton, ON www.yrscna.org/57
Maryland No.58, MD yorkritemd.org/mdyrc
Texian No.60,TX www.albertpikedemolay.org/yrc/index.html
Fort Henry No. 61., WV www.yrscna.org/61
Pentagon No. 62, FL www.yrscna.org/62
South Carolina Colleges www.scgyr.org/yrc
Palmetto No.70, SC www.scgyr.org/yrc70/
Oklahoma No. 75www.okyorkrite.org/yrcollege
Niagra Frontier No.77, NY www.yrscna.org/77
Piedmont No.84, SC www.scgyr.org/yrc84
Western Wisconsin No.85 www.yrscna.org/85
Regius No. 86, AZ sites.google.com/site/regiusyorkritecollege
Washington & Lee No.93, VA www.yrscna.org/93
Wilderness Road No.94, VA www.yrscna.org/94
Hampton Roads No. 95, VA www.yrscna.org/95/
Profile No. 100, NH www.nhyorkrite.org
Gulf Coast No.106 www.houstonmasonic.org
North Central Wisconsin No. 112 www.yrscna.org/112
Charles Towne No. 113, Charleston, SC www.scgyr.org/yrc113
Northeast Florida No. 114 www.yrscna.org/114
White Rose No. 117, Tucson, AZwww.yrc117.org
North Texas York Rite No. 118northtexasyorkritecollege118.org
Evansville No.121, IN www.evansvilleyorkritecollege121.org
Luther G. Palmer No.123, GA www.yrscna.org/123
NC Piedmont No.124, NC www.yrscna.org/124
United No.127, NYosdmasons.org/YRC127
Marvin L. Isley No.129, INhttps://sites.google.com/site/isleyyorkritecollege
Green Mountain No.139, VTwww.yrscna.org/139
Arkansas No.142 www.aryorkrite.org/yrc142
Lyle L. Cross No.147,Dallas TX www.lylelcross147.org
Trinity No. 154,Ft. Worth, TX trinity154.yorkritetexas.org
Thumb Butte No. 158, AZ sites.google.com/site/thumbbutteyorkritecollege/home
Hawaii No.164, HI www.yrscna.org/164
Smokey Mountain No.172, Asheville,NC www.yrscna.org/172
William Allen No.176, PA www.yrscna.org/176
Tri Valley No.178, Twin Falls, ID trivalley.idyorkrite.org
Chicora No. 200, Socastee, SC www.scgyr.org/yrc200